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We realize that you may be spending many hours a week working in your vehicle. Our goal is to equip your "office on the road" to be as comfortable and efficient as possible. A safe, ergonomically designed Mobile Office is a great start. Outfitting your vehicle with the accessories needed to complete your office is the next step. So whether you need extra support for your back, additional power for your equipment, or an ergonomic solution for using your laptop or tablet in the field, we have the product for you.

We are on a continual search for the best products available. We have done the research so you don't have to. The items shown below are examples of our favorite and most popular add-on products. Please contact us for recommendations or if you would like further information on any of these products.

Back Rest

The mesh Back Rest can be used to provide added comfort when driving or working in a vehicle. It helps support proper spinal alignment. Additionally, the increased airflow provided by the mesh fabric helps keep you cooler in warm weather. The mesh Back Rest can be used while driving or when working in the back of the vehicle.

File Tote

The File Tote makes it easy to take your workplace essentials with you on the road. It's an ideal solution for keeping your mobile office organized and portable. A simple click of the seat belt keeps the File Tote securely in place in your vehicle. With its lid for privacy and removable dividers for versatility, the File Tote will quickly become a favorite travel companion.

Folding Travel Cart

The Folding Travel Cart makes moving your gear in and out of your vehicle hassle-free. It can be easily maneuvered on stairs and curbs and is equipped with comfortable foam handle grips, quick release locks, and a base that prevents cargo from falling over. It can hold luggage, boxes or other items up to 135 lbs. The lightweight Folding Travel Cart makes transporting gear a breeze.

Glare and Privacy Filters

Glare and privacy can often be an issue when working on the road. Specialized filters can help eliminate glare from the sun or protect sensitive data from being seen by others. We have a variety of Glare and Privacy Filters to fit all your mobile devices including laptops, tablets, smart phones, and GPSs.

Glare Hood

When direct sunlight is a problem, or maximum privacy is necessary, a laptop Glare Hood can provide the necessary level of protection. The Hood creates a tunnel that blocks light from infiltrating around the top and sides of a screen to eliminate glare and increase privacy. It is adjustable to fit laptops with an overall width between 9"-16". It conveniently folds up when not in use.

Laptop Harness

The Laptop Harness allows you to comfortably use your computer equipment while at a work site. Holding a laptop or tablet for any length of time can cause strain on hands and wrists. With the Laptop Harness your hands remain free. It is lightweight, easy to put on and take off, and is equipped with an adjustable safety strap to protect your equipment.

Laptop Stand

The tripod Laptop Stand allows you to work comfortably on your laptop while on a job site. It can be used while seated or standing. The spring-loaded platform lets you easily mount and secure your laptop to the stand. Weighing less than 10 lbs, the Laptop Tray is a lightweight and versatile solution for field work.

Laptop Tray

When portability is an issue, the Laptop Tray provides an ideal solution for working out of a vehicle. This lightweight unit easily attaches to the back side of the driver's or front passenger's seat. It has a height and angle-adjustable platform that allows you to work comfortably in virtually any 4-door vehicle. The tray folds up when not in use. The Laptop Tray is easy to move from vehicle to vehicle, making it ideal for use in rental cars or by employees who occasionally need to work on the road.

Power Inverter

Power Inverters allow you to use all your electronic equipment while on the road. They convert your vehicle’s DC power into household-use AC power. Power Inverters can provide continuous output even when your vehicle’s engine is turned off. Whether you need to power a single laptop or a mobile office equipped with additional electronics like a printer or task lamp, models are available to meet your mobile power needs.

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