Mobile Accessories

We realize that you may be spending many hours a week working out of your vehicle. Our goal is to equip your "office on the road" to be as comfortable, efficient and productive as possible. A safe, ergonomically designed mobile office is a great start.

Outfitting your vehicle with the accessories needed to complete your office is the next step. So, whether you need extra storage for your equipment, an extra monitor to improve productivity, or an ergonomic solution for elevating your laptop, we have the product for you.

For accessories not available online, please contact us at for a quote and availability.

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Slatwall Hutch Accessories

Slatwall Baskets 12x18 and 8x12, mobile office accessories, ergonomic solutions, slatwall basket, basket for van, van office storage, vehicle office storage

Slatwall Baskets

There is more to a great office than merely drawers or desk surface space. Keep your mobile office organized and earn additional storage with our slatwall hutch wire baskets. Check out our assorted sizes and see which basket is the right fit for you, so you can take your mobile office to the next level of greatness.

Part Number: Various


Slatwall Hook, hook for slatwall, hooks for van office, mobile office accessories, vehicle office accessories, ergonomic solutions, vehicle workspace accessories

Slatwall Hook

Paperwork is not the only thing many mobile offices have to worry about. Cables, extension cords, and hoses can easily make organization difficult. Our Slatwall Hook offers a solution to these tedious problems. Attach it to the hutch or the side of your desk to keep your wires tidy, out of the way, and knot-free.

Part Number: 780092


Slatwall Monitor Mount, steel monitor mount, computer monitor mount, vehicle monitor mount, ergonomic solutions, vehicle office accessories, van life monitor mount

Slatwall Monitor Mount

Our Slatwall Monitor Mount securely attaches directly to your Slatwall Hutch with sturdy bolts. Once installed, there are an infinite amount of swivel and tilt adjustments possible. Adjustments can be made in three directions, and the front plate can be elongated from 3.3” to 5.8” from the wall. Compatible with most 23” to 42” displays.

Part Number: VANGO-SWM02

Desktop Accessories

Power Grommet, outlet for van, vehicle officed accessories, van life accessories, outlet for vehicle desk, power grommet for work desk

Power Grommet

Our In-Desk Power Grommet is perfect for your mobile office. With its in-desk capabilities, ETL certification, two USB ports, and two USA ports, it meets your office needs with ease. It even fits in the pencil cup opening for each of our VanGo mobile offices!



Cell Phone / Tablet collapsible holder in silver, vehicle cell phone holder, desk cell phone holder, cell phone holding for working, office cell phone holder, ergonomic solutions, mobile accessories

Cell Phone / Tablet Collapsible Holder in Silver

This phone stand works with all 3.5-10" smartphones, tablets, and e-readers.  This high-quality aluminum phone cradle is fully collapsible and can be easily adjusted to a comfortable viewing angle to watch or interact "hands free".


Part Number: MOACAHLDR01

Equipment Tie Downs, printer tie downs, vehicle desk tie downs, monitor tie downs, child safety tie downs for t.v.

Equipment Tie Downs

When driving on bumpy roads, it is important to have the confidence that your equipment will stay put. Our Equipment Tie-Downs will give you that peace of mind so you can focus on the road. We use 3M marine grade adhesive for both an easy installation, and a dependable result. Our quick release strap makes it easy to move your equipment in and out of your vehicle without sacrificing security on the go.

Part Number: SG1

Desktop Monitor Mount, computer monitor mount, office monitor mount, custom monitor mount, ergonomic solutions

Desktop Monitor Mount

Our RAM® Desktop Monitor Mount is well-built and bolts directly to the desktop. Its universal VESA plate has both 75mm X 75mm and 100mm X 100mm hole patterns to accommodate virtually any external computer monitor. The height of the monitor can easily be adjusted up to 4” by turning the knob at the top of the pole. It is designed for limitless adjustments and can be both rotated and tilted when using the double-swing arm and ball socket.

Part Number: VANGO-DTM01

Seating Accessories

Sliding Seat Base, van desk chair, vehicle office chair base, van chair base, ergonomic solutions, van office set up

Sliding Seat Base

This VanGo sliding seat base is designed for our bestselling Mobile Office Task Chair. It allows for 9” of forward and back travel in 1/3” increments.



Part-Number: VANGOSJA

Jury Base, van chair jury base, vehicle chair jury base, van office accessories, ergonomic solutions, van chair options

Jury Base

This stationary Jury Base is for our popular Mobile Office Task Chair. It features an auto return cylinder which prevents the chair from spinning while the vehicle is in motion. It is a great option if you are considering adding an additional chair in your mobile office.

Part-Number: JURY2

Mobile Office Chair Cylinder

Mobile Office Chair Cylinders

We carry a variety of pneumatic lifts that allows your mobile office task chair to position lower or higher. A lower cylinder is recommended for use with the VanGo 600 series mobile office when it is installed in a small cargo van due to the lower ceiling height.

Part Number: Various

Chair Arms, arms for office chair, ergonomic solutions, ergonomic arms for chair, comfortable chair arms

Chair Arms

Fingertip adjustment and a solid  ” thick spring steel frame sets our chair arms apart from the competition. The width of each arm is adjustable 2”, and its height is adjustable 6” to 9” from the seat pan. An oval 4  ” w x 10 ⅝” polyurethane arm pad allows for even more comfort while you work.


Stretchable Memory Foam Arm Covers for Office Chairs, ergonomic chair covers, comfortable office chair arm covers, ergonomic soltuions, how to be comfortable at work, chair covers for elbow pain

Stretchable Memory Foam Arm Covers for Office Chairs.  Set of 2

The flexible and easy to install arm covers bring new life to chairs and are a great solution for sore elbows and painful forearms.  Made from high density memory foam for durability and ultimate comfort.  Fits most chairs.

Part Number: GA2

Jobsite Accessories

File Tote, vehicle office accessories, mobile office accessories, job site file tote, ergonomic solutions, mobile file tote, file tote to go, vehicle office organziation, van office organization, file tote for job site

File Tote

Documents are hard to store and even harder to transport, but our portable File Tote is here to help. Extra-long handles make carrying your documents a breeze, while adjustable dividers allow for complete customization. This durable tote, with its puncture proof walls and bottom, can be secured with a seatbelt for worry-free travel.

Part Number: TOTE01

Laptop Harness, ergonomic laptop harness, laptop carrier for job site, job site laptop harness, working on the go, mobile office accessories, computer harness, computer holder, working on the go, laptop carrier, best laptop harness, laptop harness for walking

Laptop Harness

Holding a laptop or tablet can feel awkward, or even strenuous after extended periods of time. We have a solution. Our Laptop Harness allows you to stay connected and comfortable at your worksite, handsfree. Users will love how easy it is to put on and take off and will appreciate the ergonomic design of the shoulder pads and straps. Have a laptop over 12 inches? Not to worry - the adjustable safety strap will still fit and protect your device.

Part Number: LTH01

Laptop Tripod Stand, portable laptop stand, best laptop tripod, ergonomic solutions, best tripod standing desk, laptop stand, vehicle office accessories, car office accessories, job site accessories

Laptop Tripod Stand

Wanting versatility for your laptop? Our Tripod Stand is here to help. Its quality, sturdy build includes a springloaded expandable tray that holds laptops 10”-16” wide, and ensures your laptop stays secured to the tripod while you move. This lightweight unit is also adjustable between 20” - 65” high. Each leg’s length is also modifiable, so you can have a flat workspace on the most uneven of terrain. The optional mouse platform (shown below) attaches to either side of the tray.

Part Number: TRIPOD01

Optional Mouse Platform for the Laptop Tripod Stand, tripod tray attachment, ergonomic solutions, mouse stand for desk, jobsite accessories, working on the go

Optional Mouse Platform for the Laptop Tripod Stand

This 8” round mouse platform easily attaches to the tripod stand’s laptop tray. It is adjustable and can be positioned on either the left- or right-hand side of the laptop tray.

Part Number: SF100MP

Seat Cushions and Back Supports

Chair Back Support Cushion, ergonomic chair cusion, back support cushion for car, back support for driver, ergonomic vechichle cusion, ergonomic back cushion for office chair, lumbar support cushion for chair, best lumbar support cushion for office chair, orthopedic back support for chairs

Back Support Cushion

Our 14” wide x 13” high contoured Back Support Cushion assists you by maintaining the natural curvature of your lower back and supporting proper spinal alignment. The adjustable elastic strap secures it in place on any chair or seat, even in your vehicle, so you can have healthy spinal alignment no matter where life takes you.

Part Number: CS404

Lumbar support cushion, best lumbar support cushion for chair, orthopedic lumbar support, office chair lumbar support cushion, lumbar support pillow for chair, lumbar support for pillow for car

Lumbar Support Cushion

The 14” wide x 6” high half-moon style lumbar support cushion provides your lower back a supportive place to lean against while you work. With this cushion, your lumbar will experience less strain and tension, and the adjustable elastic strap ensures you can use your cushion on any chair or seat. Plus, it’s extremely portable! So, you don’t have to sacrifice your lumbar support anywhere you go.

Part Number: DR313BE

Ergonomic Wedge Shaped Seat Cushion

Wedge-shaped Seat Cushion

For another comfortable option, try our 15” x 15.5” x 1” - 3.75” high wedge-shaped cushion. It supports your spine by reducing pressure on your tailbone when sitting. Say goodbye to sore tailbones, and hello to comfortable precision-cut foam covered in luxurious fabric.

Part Number: SW5403

Mesh Back Support, office chair back support, orthopedic back support for office, mesh lumbar support, office chair lumbar support, cool mesh back support, ergonomic solutions

Mesh Back Support

Protect your back with our Mesh Back Support. Ergonomically contoured, you will feel supported and comfortable, as air flows through the mesh to give you cool comfort on hot days. The elastic strap creates the perfect fit wherever you take it, at home, work, and even in the car. Uncomfortable seats can be a thing of the past; don’t hesitate to get your Mesh Back Support today.

Part Number: 19185

Gel And Foam Seat Cushion, orthopedic gel seat cusion, ergonomic solutions, gel cushion for chair, gel cusion for car, get cushion for wheel chair, get seat cusion for elderly, gel seat custion for long sitting, best gel seat cushion, extra thick gel seat cushion

Gel & Foam Seat Cushion

Sore tailbone? Want to prevent one? Find relief and protection with our 15” wide x 13” deep x 1-1/2” thick Gel & Foam Seat Cushion. Even the best office chairs can be lacking in base support. Our Gel and Foam Seat Cushion bridges this gap and can be used in both an office chair and a vehicle, so you can have relief whenever you need it. High density foam surrounds the gel interior, creating optimized pressure reduction. Best of all, the breathable exterior cover is removable and washable, so even a spill can’t stay in the way of your comfort.

Part Number: 14888

Gel Seat Cushion, get seat cusion for hip pain, orthopedic gel seat cusion, ergonomic soltuions, best gel seat cushion, gel seat cushion for long seating, get seat cusrion for car, gel seat cusion for elderly, gel seat cusion for hard chair, gel seat cusion for office chair

Gel Seat Cushion

Our Gel Seat Cushion is the solution you need to alleviate your lower back and sciatica pain. Its ergonomically designed U-shape allows your tailbone to rest and receive orthopedic pain relief while sitting. This cushion’s gel and memory foam composition is designed to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Part-Number: G-SEAT2


Computer Accessories

Wrist Rest, Ergonomic wrist rest, wrist rest for carpal tunnel, ergonomic solutions, office wrist rest, office accessories, wrist rest for keyboard, wrist rest for laptop

Wrist Rests

Experts say your wrists should maintain a parallel position to the keyboard in order to avoid injury, but many Americans have trouble following this tip on their own. Protect your health and invest in our Ergonomic Solutions Wrist Rest. It will bring comfort to your wrists and the peace of mind that your health is safeguarded. We offer wrist rests in a variety of sizes and materials for all your equipment including laptops, keyboards, and mice.

Part Number: GL019

Glare Filters, glar filter for computer monitor, office accessories, ergonomic solutions, anti-glare computer screen protector for eyes, ergonomic office accessories, best anti-glare computer screen protector, anti-glare screen protector for laptop

Glare Filters

Glare is, unfortunately, the great menace of working on the road. Luckily, this monster need not go unpunished. With our Glare Filters and Glare Hoods, you never need to worry about the sun’s gaze again. We have sizes to fit all your devices.

Laptop Glare Hoods, computer glare hood, computer monitor hood, universal monitor hood, ergonomic solutions, best computer glare hood, monitor hood for gaming, monitor hood for confidential files

Glare Hoods

Our Glare Hoods serve a dual purpose. Not only do they protect you from glare, but they also protect your privacy as well. Ever worry about someone peeking at your confidential files? Not anymore! The Ergonomic Solutions Glare Hood is here to help defend your privacy on the road and at the office.

Part Number: LTGH01 (Laptop)


Part Number: DTGH01 (Desktop)