Ergonomic Solutions provides innovative solutions to corporate, government and small business clients. With today’s ever increasing need for employees who are flexible and mobile we have created a line of ergonomic furniture for use in vehicles. Whether you are looking for a single product for use in multiple types of vehicles or a specific vehicle branded for your business, we have a solution for you.


Our line of van and sit stand car desks provides your work force with the tools they need to get the job done safely and efficiently. We use employee comfort and safety to guide us in the design of all our innovative Mobile Office Systems. All of our solutions meet the same high standards you have grown accustomed to in a traditional office.

Cost is always foremost in our mind - both in terms of equipment and employee efficiency. Our products are manufactured in the USA using the lightest weight materials possible. The ergonomic design of our Mobile Office Systems allows employees to work more comfortably for a longer period of time, with fewer repetitive stress injuries, keeping worker’s compensation claims to a minimum.

Our team brings over 25 years of experience creating cost effective, versatile and durable solutions for every size fleet and budget.



We collaborate with your fleet, safety and business units to design and implement solutions that meet your company’s unique requirements. In addition, we work closely with your fleet provider and your upfitter to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly from start to finish.



We have the design capabilities, the manufacturing processes, and the facilities to support developing custom products. Our team can either design a product for you or help bring your ideas to life.


Services & Support

You can feel confident we remain committed to customer service and quality long after your fleet is operational. The same team who put your mobile office on the road is there for you and your workforce throughout the life of your fleet.