Upfitter Support

The Ergonomic Solutions team provides value-added services to upfitters. Our experience and expertise allows us to help you imagine new ways of upiftting vehicles. We are happy to collaborate with you to create the best solutions for your customers.

Ergonomic Solutions has been designing mobile office products for use in vans, cars and trucks for over a decade. We have units that fit virtually any vehicle. Our designs are aimed at creating a safe, comfortable and efficient workplace for mobile workers.

Whether you and are interested in one of our standard mobile offices or want a solution tailored to your customer's specifications, we can make it happen. We have standard mobile office units designed for full-sized and smaller vans as well as a customizable backseat model that is ideal for most four-door cars, trucks and SUVs.

Standard equipment for a full-sized van mobile office includes an ergonomically designed desk and chair. The chair is mounted on a custom designed sliding seat base which allows the chair to be moved towards and away from the desk. Our unique auto-return cylinder keeps the chair stationary while the vehicle is being driven. Optional equipment includes an overhead hutch and Slatwall accessory panels.

Sales Support

Our team has over 25 years of experience creating cost-effective, versatile and durable solutions for every size fleet and budget. We are available to support you at every phase of the upfit process, from design to installation and beyond.


Design and Customization

We have designed mobile offices for vehicles from all the major manufacturers. That, coupled with our experience working with clients from a variety of industries enables us to partner with you to design a mobile office that meets your customer’s unique business requirements.

Auxiliary Equipment Options

Our experience puts us in a unique position to offer suggestions for a variety of optional equipment including inverters, adapters, task lighting, chairs, and ergonomic accessories. See our Accessories page for further information on ergonomic accessories. The mobile office can be equipped to be as basic or complex as the customer would like.


Warranty Support

We stand by the quality of our products. However, we understand that issues occasionally arise. If so, we are ready to work directly with the end-user or through your warranty department to provide a timely resolution.